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Pocketful Illustration Magazine

An Instagram friend invited me to contribute to her illustration magazine, Pocketful . I really enjoyed the theme which was, “One does not love breathing“.

This was my contribution:

Holding Breath

Holding Breath

When painting subjects such as this, I tend to just enjoy the moment of what is happening, to allow myself to get lost in it. It is my meditation and when I feel most at peace.
My subject matter at this time tends to revolve around where I live, which is by a lake. Nothing is better than seeing wildlife in its element and it is always so fleeting.
The theme of “One does not love breathing” made me think of waterfowl searching for nourishment underwater and if they find it that way, they must hold their breath.

Reference Photos

These are a few photos I’ve taken for reference for the paintings I’ve been doing. Enjoy!

I keep all of my reference photos here. My generally rule of thumb when it comes to copyright is if you take anything and don’t give credit your nose hair will grow to your toes.

Also, made this today because boop. <3


Keeping Busy

Keeping busy this week, but still managing to update my own personal projects, like, this website for one. I tend to change it with the seasons and I can feel (or at least am hallucinating) that the weather is warming up. Either way, I’ll take it.

So, if there’s any quirks, I’m probably working on it or haven’t noticed, feel free to let me know if you see anything weird.

Otherwise, I’ve also updated My Life Drawn and Ask Me To Draw. There is no method to my madness, they are updated in a completely random fashion.


Society6 Shop: Red Panda + Koala Bear

Society6 just let me know they put me in their shop (which I suppose is different from being in my shop at Society6?).

Anyways, this is the illustration they chose and I’ve added a few more products for this one specifically. So, if you’re into cute koala bears and red pandas, this is for you!

Get this products here: http://society6.com/product/Red-Panda–Koala-Bear_Print