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Thanks for stopping by. Let me introduce myself, my name is Catharine Graff and I am someone who is passionate about all things beautiful. Learn more about me here or take a peek at my portfolio.

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Here’s some of the details:

I will be actively putting up my reference photos, sketches and scans of my watercolour paintings on my activity feed so you can have a peek into my process all in one place. As well as taking videos of myself drawing and painting to give a bird’s eye view of how I work.© Catharine Graff

You may ask, why do I paint?
It’s all about what is happening in the moment. It’s hypnotic, especially with the flow of watercolour. It clears my mind and releases emotion. It’s a meditation. To me, it’s not about the finished piece, but being in the creation process.

Why is my subject matter usually wildlife?
I have always loved animals and I have deep respect for nature. I find a lot of beauty there and want to share it. I am a vegetarian and try to apply that as much as possible to all that I do – even asking companies who I buy from if they suit my lifestyle. You can see what I’ve found and their responses here.

Why am I on here?
At the moment, I freelance as a graphic artist, but I’d love to supplement that with my painting so that one day I can spend more time in my studio creating.

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© Catharine Graff

Redbubble Review

I posted some of my art over at Redbubble and they decided to give me a voucher so I could test out some of the items from my store.

I decided to get a tote bag, studio pouch and a bunch of postcards as I wanted to see how the colour was handled as well as seeing how the art worked with fabric. Here’s a few shots of the items I got.


And some close-ups.



Overall, the best quality of print was on the postcards. They feel very rich and the colour was spot on. A very nice, heavy-weight card stock. I love my tote bag and pouch for different reasons – they feel very durable and sturdy, I can throw in my camera and wallet without feeling like it is going to fall apart on me. The print does look like it bled a bit, but, that’s only noticeable if I hold it an inch from my face. I was surprised how well the fabric took it, it looked like it would be a challenge to print on.

Have you bought anything from me? I’d love to see a photo of it to judge more of the products on there and share to this post. A friend of mine also bought a studio pouch, and these were some of the photos of her purchase. (Thanks for supporting me!)


Find more of my art over at Redbubble here.