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Thanks for stopping by. Let me introduce myself, my name is Catharine Graff and I am someone who is passionate about all things beautiful. Learn more about me here or take a peek at my portfolio.

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As you may already know or not know…

As you may already know or not know, sometimes I take requests and for free here! But that just means I may or may not actually do it, and it could take a while. As my disclaimer states, “You get what you pay for”. Straight forward right?

Anyways, the past few asks have been fun for me and hopefully for you too! Just thought I’d share here. Until next time…Fox & Wolf Cuddles Hungry Fox Red Panda & Koala Bear

To submit a request go here: http://www.askmetodraw.com/ask/

To peruse some of my other art for sale go here: http://society6.com/catgraff

Tip: When asking for a free drawing, it is about 100% more likely I will do it if it includes cuddles and cute creatures.