Head in the sky. Heart in the sea.

What do I do?

Create illustrations and art in various mediums. Translate ideas into graphic design. Communicate visually while targeting a focused audience.

What’s my style?

Art: It’s all about what is happening in the moment. It’s hypnotic to paint, especially with the flow of watercolour. It clears my mind and releases emotion. It’s a meditation. To me, it’s not about the finished piece, but being in the creation process. View my paintings here.

Design: When working with my clients, I want to draw out what they are trying to convey in a professional, honest and straightforward manner. Keeping things simple is key. View my designs here.

Where do I sell my art?

When you support my art an angel gets its wings. By angel I mean me and by wings I mean coffee. You may find my prints and products at Society6.