I find wandering around in nature compels me to create and spurs new ideas that I want to share.


Whenever I get the chance I just love to dance around in questionable weather (this is likely because of having watched Singin’ in the Rain one too many times).

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I like to work in watercolour, perhaps because of its fragility. It can only be pushed so far before the paper will tear. It’s all about balance. There’s also strength in it. It builds and builds and is expressive in its transparency, where light and dark intersect and blend together.

Bauble Thief

It’s about what is happening in the moment. It’s hypnotic to paint. The flow of watercolour clears my mind and releases emotion. To me, it’s not about the finished piece; it’s about being in the creation process. It’s about getting lost in it and feeling free.

I am passionate about all things beautiful. Find more of my watercolour paintings here.

My subject matter revolves around the beauty of the natural world. Nothing is better than seeing wildlife in its element, an experience that is always fleeting. Considering my adoration for nature, I try not to use any animal-derived ingredients in my art. I live a cruelty-free life as much as possible. I would never want to inflict suffering on to another creature.

The hope I have, by sharing my art, is to inspire others to look at our environment with care and respect, to value what is easily lost.

Cat Graff