“I have known and used Catharine for special projects for years and the one word that always comes to mind is “over-delivered”. I cannot count the times, clients were literally speechless at the level of creative. There is not a nicer person on the planet to work with and clients love her. This is not a person who does a few logos and calls themself a graphics designer. Catharine has grown in her craft and I have all the confidence in her on even the most complicated and sophisticated projects. Our clients are Fortune 100 and not only deserve the best but they EXPECT it and Catharine delivers EVERY TIME.”

Scott Mullins, Principal,
Mind Design Group

“Catharine, is the ideal employee for getting things done, and done right. Her skills surpass those of any graphic artist I have seen in the field, and the speed at which it is done is simply amazing! Her charming and easy going personality makes her a perfect team player…”

Neal Giddings,
Ganz Interactive

“Catharine was very pleasant to work with and is very talented with graphic and art in general. She produced computer graphics quickly and efficiently.”

Johnny Orfei,
Network Engineer

“Catharine executed a lot of our design visions in web-, application-, interactive- or print-related work quick and professionally, while contributing her own creative ideas, and producing some very successful designs in the process.”

Andreas Schiffler,
Senior Software Development Engineer at Microsoft

“It’s a relief to get something that looks like it wasn’t made by an 80 year old in Microsoft Word on the first proof. You should put that on your resume or something, you wouldn’t believe the stuff that gets passed off as “design”.”

Jeff and Brad

Cat Graff